The mower is useful and has its purpose, but when it comes to large areas covered with thick and dense grass, it doesn’t do the job anymore. Not only it won’t cut the grass effectively, but it may also get damaged. And that is where slashing comes in.

Slashing is basically a way of mowing large properties that have very long and thick grass. Reasons for slashing include:

  • The property needs to be cleared for a new construction
  • The property has to comply with council regulations
  • There are dangers in the tall grass, such as snakes
  • For increasing the mulch on the soil
  • For reducing the bulk of pasture
  • For promoting new pasture growth
  • For managing annual weeds
  • For managing woody weeds
  • For establishing new pastures
  • For making it look tidy
  • For evening out variations in grazing
  • For controlling blady grass

The Benefits of Grass Slashing

First of all, by cutting the grass on a large property, you can prevent fires, especially those that take place during the hot Australian summer. The property will look better and be more appealing, especially if it’s in a public area such as a park or a commercial property. The way a commercial facility is presented adds credibility to the company and sets it apart from the competition.

To sum things up, the main benefits of slashing are:

  • Managing weeds and dead grass
  • Increasing mulch
  • Reducing bulk pasture
  • Reducing the risk of fire
  • Giving the property a better appearance

So if you are faced with mowing and slashing problems, contact me right away and ask about my tractor slashing rates.

All Seasons Land Care

All Seasons Land Care provides mulching and slashing services on the Fraser Coast and Wide Bay areas (including Hervey Bay, Maryborough, Bundaberg, Gympie, Howard, Mungar and Tiaro). Gerry has many years of experience and is specialised in mulching acreage, sucker regrowth, blady grass, grass, lantana and bury grass. He works both on rural properties and urban areas, and no acreage is too big or too small. Over the years, he had hundreds of satisfied clients all over the Fraser Coast and Wide Bay areas.

He uses a Kubota QVX36 Front End Loader with 4-in-1 Bucket, 95 horse power, 2.4 meter cut and a High body mulcher, and he is always prepared for a job. Gerry will first asses the area and give you a no-obligation free quote, based on the estimated amount of time needed to complete the job. He works on an hourly rate and will arrange a suitable time to come and meet you and survey the area.