Civil & Rural Earthworks

From Bundaberg to Gympie and out to the mid west to Kingaroy and all areas in-between


Rural EarthworksAll Seasons Landcare can assist with all your civil and rural earthworks requirements from construction of housing and commercial estate developments to rural land clearing, paddock levelling , dam building, dam cleaning to water irrigation structure and maintenance, gravel road and track construction and fence line clearing.



Caterpillar D6k SeriesII
Caterpillar D7R Series II
Caterpillar 12H


Hyundai R35z-9
Komatsu PC138-8
Komatsu PC228-8


JCB 225t
FAE Forestry Mulcher


Komatsu WA200PZ-6


Terex TA6s
Terex TA27
Terex TA30


Ammann ASC130 Padfoot Roller
Bomag Smooth Drum s/Pad Shells


Landini Powerfarm 95 hp
Duncan Direct Drill (Subdivision Seeding)


Volvo FM9 ( 18 tonne payload)

Rural Earthworks

From Bundaberg to Tiaro, All Seasons Land Care is ready to assist you in making your properties the best they can be. We can cater to different properties with different needs and purposes. A property filled with overgrown weeds can easily be taken care of by All Season Land Care. We will make sure your gardens are clear of grass harmful to your plants. We can also provide efficient irrigation to your entire garden. If you want your property to be filled with trees, we can provide solutions for your trees to grow more branches.

All Season Land Care caters to small or large landowners. We can take care of properties that are for personal or commercial use. All Season Land Care prioritises you and your needs. Your goal is our goal. We will closely work with you all season to make sure your property gets the attention suited for its needs.

All Season Land Care also provides services in the following:

Pasture Establishment

To establish a very productive pasture, there will be an evaluation of the farm’s forage needs. All Season Land Care will tend to the processes needed to establish a pasture. We will work with you in planning, management, selection of species, and implementation. Establish a pasture with All Season Land Care that lives up to the natural beauty of Bundaberg!

Paddock Levelling

All Season Land Care will take care of your paddock and make it ready for the next season! We will help you level out your property’s uneven ground. Rolling with a heavy flat roller or harrowing will be done according to the state of your property. We will make sure that the ground will get the utmost care it needs. All Season Land Care guarantees a healthy paddock. Your paddock will soon become as flat and smooth as the sands of Fraser Coast. It can also be very healthy like the agricultural lands of Gympie!

Gravel Road Construction, Access Tracks, and Farm Roads
All Season Land Care will help you construct a gravel road, farm road, or access track. Your property will be given the utmost care it deserves. Before construction, we will make sure the property and its soil are healthy. We will work with you to get the best materials for the construction. Your vision for your property’s gravel road, access track, or farm road is also important. All Season Land Care will balance need, material, and design. This will make sure we can produce the best-suited output for you and your property. We can cater to various locations such as an urban area like Hervey Bay or a rural town like Howard. All Season Land Care can do it all for you!

Tank Pads, Shed Pads, and House Pads

All Season Land Care can construct tank pads, shed pads, and house pads on your property. All Season Land Care construct pads that are effective and efficient in the long term. We will make sure your pads will not cause you problems in the future. All Season Land Care understands your priorities. Construction of pads by All Season Land Care will make sure repairs will not be needed in the future. This is because extensive planning will be done before construction. All pads will also be built with quality materials. This will ensure the longevity of your pads. Construct tank pads, shed pads, and house pads that last as long as the Historic City of Maryborough!

Dam Construction and Maintenance

All Season Land Care can accommodate you in constructing and maintaining your dam. A lot of effort goes into its process, but we will build it with you. The construction of any dam will be according to your purpose and the state of your property. We will also consider the longevity of the dam to avoid complications in the future. The construction and maintenance will also consider the environment. With these in mind, All Season Land Care will build the best-suited dam for you. We will make sure your dams are efficient and less damaging to the environment.

Waterway/Irrigation Channel Construction and Maintenance

Build waterways and irrigation channels without damaging the environment. All Season Land Care will first consult you before construction. Irrigation and waterways are built to take care of your garden or farm, and we believe you know best! We will use techniques that are approved by you. We will make sure your waterway or irrigation channels will need fewer repairs. We put great importance on quality in every work we do, and quality comes with longevity. Maintenance will be done according to the needs of your waterway or irrigation channel. From Mungar to any place in the Fraser Coast and Wide Bay area, build with us!

Land and Water Development

Sustain your property and your project with our Land and Water Development services. All Season Land Care is with you in maximising your available resources. We will help you become efficient in maximising the resources available to you. Resources vary on the location of the property. It may be an urban area or a rural town like Tiaro, we will bring you the best Land and Water Development services.

Slashing & Mulching

All Seasons Landcare is ready to assist you with all your property maintenance from mulching and spraying for pasture care with weeds and sucker regrowth Eradication using our 95 horsepower 4WD Kabota Tractor with 2.4 metre Burty mulcher and up to date modern spray equipment, from small suburban blocks to the largest of rural acreages.


All Season Land Care wants the best for you, that is why assessment is done first before you’re given a quote. All information you need will be given once an assessment is made. Make your vision for your properties become reality with All Season Land Care!