Sucker Regrowth Control

Have you noticed an odd branch growing from the base or the roots of your tree? Sometimes it may look like the rest of the plant, but other times it may appear as a different plant. This means that your tree has a “sucker”.

A plant sucker is an attempt of the tree to grow more branches. But why is it sometimes a different variety? Chances are that your tree actually consists of two trees spliced or grafted together. Tree suckers are most common on grafted trees, but they can also grow on non-grafted ones.

In order to avoid tree suckers, you should:

Keep the trees in good health – trees usually grow suckers in an attempt to reproduce themselves because of some form of stress. This includes drought, overwatering, diseases or pests

Don’t over prune – this is because by over pruning, you will stimulate the growth of tree suckers

Prune regularly – however, regular and healthy pruning is recommended. If you don’t know how and when to do this, All Seasons Land Care is here to help.

Are Tree Suckers Bad?

While you may be tempted to leave them as they are, it’s better to remove them as quickly as possible. This is because tree suckers will sap the energy away from the healthier branches at the top, and thus affect the crop. The plant produced by the tree sucker will not be as good and will produce inferior crop.

So if you are faced with tree suckers, contact me right away and ask about my sucker regrowth control rates.

All Seasons Land Care

All Seasons Land Care provides mulching, slashing and sucker regrowth control services on the Fraser Coast and Wide Bay areas (including Hervey Bay, Maryborough, Bundaberg, Gympie, Howard, Mungar and Tiaro). Gerry has many years of experience and is specialised in mulching acreage, sucker regrowth, blady grass, grass, lantana and bury grass. He works both on rural properties and urban areas, and no acreage is too big or too small. Over the years, he had hundreds of satisfied clients all over the Fraser Coast and Wide Bay areas.

He uses a Kubota QVX36 Front End Loader with 4-in-1 Bucket, 95 horse power, 2.4 meter cut and a High body mulcher, and he is always prepared for a job. Gerry will first asses the area and give you a no-obligation free quote, based on the estimated amount of time needed to complete the job. He works on an hourly rate and will arrange a suitable time to come and meet you and survey the area.

He takes any job very seriously and follows all health, safety and work regulations in order to minimize the risks and increase the results. The equipment he uses is of the highest caliber and is reliable machinery that is built to last and handle the toughest conditions. If you are ready to get started, call Gerry right now at 0428 619 412!