Do you mulch your garden, trees and shrubs? If you’re not doing this, you are making it harder for the plants to thrive and making things more difficult for you on the long term. Mulching can improve the land, make the plants grow bigger and faster and save you time. By adding mulch in the garden, around the trees and on the lawn you can mimic the natural process of keeping the soils rich and the plants healthy.

What Is Mulching?

The mulch is a material that you spread over the ground as a cover and it can be organic (for example fall leaves or wood chips) or inorganic (black plastic, rocks and others). So mulching is basically the process of spreading mulch over the ground.

There are lots of tips and little secrets that should be taken into consideration, so that’s why it’s best to get the help of a specialist instead of mulching yourself. For example, mulch should always stay up on top and not be buried or tilled in the ground. That would affect the nitrogen levels in the soil and impact the plants in a bad way.

The Benefits of Mulching

Organic mulch feeds the soil and helps the plants grow faster and bigger
Creates long term abundance
Helps the soil hold on to water without becoming logged
It reduces evaporation which helps the garden retain water
It keeps down weeds, saving the plants but also saving you time and energy
It increases the percent of organic material in the soil
It can be used to prepare sites for future planting

So if you are faced with problems with the soil in your garden or property, contact me right away and ask about my mulching rates.

All Seasons Land Care

All Seasons Land Care provides mulching and slashing services on the Fraser Coast and Wide Bay areas (including Hervey Bay, Maryborough, Bundaberg, Gympie, Howard, Mungar and Tiaro). Gerry has many years of experience and is specialised in mulching acreage, sucker regrowth, blady grass, grass, lantana and bury grass. He works both on rural properties and urban areas, and no acreage is too big or too small. Over the years, he had hundreds of satisfied clients all over the Fraser Coast and Wide Bay areas.

He uses a Kubota QVX36 Front End Loader with 4-in-1 Bucket, 95 horse power, 2.4 meter cut and a High body mulcher, and he is always prepared for a job. Gerry will first asses the area and give you a no-obligation free quote, based on the estimated amount of time needed to complete the job. He works on an hourly rate and will arrange a suitable time to come and meet you and survey the area.

He takes any job very seriously and follows all health, safety and work regulations in order to minimize the risks and increase the results. The equipment he uses is of the highest caliber and is reliable machinery that is built to last and handle the toughest conditions. If you are ready to get started, call Gerry right now at 0428 619 412!